Join Us

To fully realize our mission we need to work with talented people across many disciplines. If you are interested in working with us, please read on if your skills match something we are actively looking for. Despite being an open source non-profit we do have some budget to pay the right people.


Currently Android developers are the most needed type of software developers in EOTL's dev team as none of our regular contributors know Java, Kotlin, or the Android framework. Please, please get in touch
Backend Engineers
Our backend services and components are migrating to Go + PostGres, but we are still actively working on a PHP + MySQL application and could use help on either software stacks. Do drop us a line or two
Front-end Developers
While we've mostly got this area covered- we could always use additional developers to help with various front-end tasks. Our apps are written in Vue.js, Bootstrap 4, and Hugo. We're happy to hear from you
Devops / Admins
Are you good with ansible, docker, and bash? Having good devops to make onboarding new contributors, instances, backups, is definitely needed and an area we would like to improve. Please do send us a ping


Food Folks
Are you a chef, baker, urban gardener, farmer, beekeeper, or food scientist? We would love to create tools and platforms to suit your needs. Let's talk and cook up something
Material Scientists
The current market of reusable food containers is lacking. Are you a material scientist (student?) who is developing (or completed) some revolutionary new material for food storage? We'd love to mix it up
Makers + Tinkerers
Are you a wizard with wires and circuits? Do you breath life into unusual Arduino projects? Do you like to hack mechanical things in creative ways? Let's fire up some electrons
If screenprinting, sewing, and otherwise doing creative things with textiles is your jam, let's try and cut a rug


Grant Writers
Thus far what we have been creating is from personal savings or donated labor, applying to the right kind of grants can be useful. If you are good at this sort of thing, we would love your help. We would love to talk
Do you find our mission worthwhile and want to help us translate posts, software, documentation, and media to other languages? It would be nice to sprechen, habla, 話す, fale, поговорить на,
If you don't have any of the skills listed above, and are a musician, artist, filmmaker, or writer who cares who care deeply about sustainability and zero-waste living and want to collaborate with us, we are happy to talk to you.

All of our creative development is hosted by Berlin based non-profit organization Codeberg. Most of our code is not publicly available yet but will be once it is ready and actually useful.