Hugo Modules

A collection of useful modules for Hugo static site generator, including EOTL theme

Given the creative direction EOTL took in 2021 with funding multiple small open-source projects that leapt beyond “the screen” it was clear that a simple blog style website was not enough for explaining to the world what EOTL is in a properly informative fashion.

So we started developing a new information architecture of our Hugo static website that breaks things down into:

  • Projects
  • Articles
  • Updates

Additionally, we also developed an “on-brand” nature themed tagging and metadata scheme referred to as:

  • Leafs
  • Branches
  • Roots

Leafs and Branches are a re-imagining of what’s normally called “tags” and “categories” respectively on normal blogs and websites.

Project Details

#static-site #open-source #free-software #modules
2020  2021  2022 


Eeek, project status is unclear