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We're on a runaway train heading off a cliff.

EOTL is a collective of people working together to create massive systemic change with how we as humans are living and constantly producing trash which is harming the planet and society. Time is running out, there is no Planet B.


The concept of living a zero-waste lifestyle is a very simple idea

Do not produce trash from your food and household needs

Unfortunately, for many people this is challenging. Most grocery stores do not offer bulk food to fill reusable containers with and even markets which do have bulk food sections, there are often many products not available package free. Meanwhile, there is a small uptick in cities where radical zero-waste stores are popping up, but these developments are slow due to commercial real-estate availability, funding capital requirements, and dominant encumbant chain supermarkets.

Due to the convenience people are used to with disposable packaging- the extra work required to adjust to zero-waste shopping is difficult for many people with busy schedules, demanding jobs, kids, who are already overburned. There is also the issue that much organic and package free food is often more expensive than normal options, and thus limits the market of who can afford to live this way.

0ur Missi0n

Is to develop sustainable open-source solutions (analog and digital) for a sustainable society- one that is easy to participate in, fair, social, and accessible to as many as possible.

From there the plan is to use these sustainable solutions to address the issues described above facing a zero-waste economy.

We can't allow this to continue. We must change.

Toughie, The Frog

RIP. 09.2016

Toughie's story

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If you find radically sustainable logistics and creating systems for non-traditional economic activity an interesting endeavour- we'd love to talk and have you on board. We accept volunteer effort, but also have some budget for hiring contractors.

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Source Code

We host all our open-source code for our software, designs, and other creative output on the Berlin based Git forge Codeberg which is a non-profit registered organization and is finanally supported by it's userbase.

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