ZER0-WASTE Kitchen

Along with your bathroom and laundry room, your kitchen is likely the most trash generating room in your house. Thus is it perhaps the important thing to focus on while transitioning to a ZER0-WASTE lifestyle. Thus, we have created this poster to hang on your door or wall of your kitchen to let people who come to your house know that you are commited to living sustainably and stopping mass extinction.

The poster serves the following purposes:

  • Educate people unfamiliar with “zero waste” as a concept with small, easy to read info-widgets
  • Clearly establishes that you are comitted to living the zero-waste lifestyle
  • Encourages you to transition from “GOING” to the “GOING” status by adding red tape

This is also an opportunuty to quote some Depeche Mode lyrics ;)

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If you find radically sustainable logistics and creating systems for non-traditional economic activity an interesting endeavour- we'd love to talk and have you on board. We accept volunteer effort, but also have some budget for hiring contractors.

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